Our company was founded in 1985 by the Cubans living in England. The main goal of uVisitCuba is to provide our clients with the most exclusive programs, which are carried out in safe, comfortable and fun manner. We always wanted to help other people to see Cuba as it is – beautiful, charming and colourful. The only way to make this happen was to create travelling programs in small groups. This gave us an opportunity to show not popular, but local routes, local restaurants with traditional food we visit ourselves and unique places, which description you’ll never find in a guidebook. Also, making programs for small groups allowed us to make it as safe as possible – there’s hardly a chance to miss your group or to get lost.

Our reputation means a lot to us and so do our clients. We provide the most client-oriented service and offer a wide range of different programs, so our clients are sure to find something to their taste. Each time we create a new program we thoroughly pick every route, every activity to make your trip to Cuba truly unforgettable. Wandering the colonial streets of Old Havana or dancing salsa in Cuba’s dance halls, snorkeling with sea turtles or experiencing Cuba’s famous night life – no matter what you choose, we will always do everything to make our clients fall in love with this wonderful country and want to come back once again. We work to help you to experience the trip of your life, gain unforgettable emotions and memories and just feel the vibes and spirit of a country with natural beauty, vibrant night life and unique history!